Leakproof Valve to Protect the Environment and Enable Hydrogen Fuels

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I have invented, developed, and patented a new type of magnetically actuated valve that can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures. This valve has applications ranging from helping to enable Hydrogen fuels for a greener future to preventing leaks of legacy fuels and industrial chemicals that might otherwise pollute the environment. Hydrogen is a tiny molecule, and notoriously tough to contain -- My valve is unique in that it has no moving seals for Hydrogen to leak thru -- indeed this valve can be completely welded shut. When hydrogen does leak, it can be dangerous in contained spaces or a greenhouse gas itself if released in open areas. While solar cells themselves are completely emission free, the manufacturing process for solar cells relies on chemicals used in the semiconductor industry, and typically in large quantities. These chemicals can be very toxic if they leak. This is typically addressed with bellows valves, but they degrade and fail in time, leading to reduced production, necessitating leak detectors and alarms, and even spacesuit style outfits with air tanks if a leaky valve does occur. Traditional fossil fuels can be very potent greenhouse gasses if they escape from leaky valves -- Current estimates are that 60% of industrial leaks are from valves, and the EPA is cracking down on these leaks more and more.



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    Ned Davis
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