Retail EV Charging Station

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The idea is to generate an EV retail charging station. In the future the idea is to implement a moving station with low cost.

Now let the source be the biomass fuel production using the biofuel cells and photovoltaic cells such as organic waste, domestic waste and biowaste etc. can be consumed for biomass production which is one of the most sustainable methods required at today's time. The Electric vehicles can be charged effectively within 30 to 40 minutes using the fastest J type cable directly from the station. Both two wheelers and four wheelers can be charged by using two different cables such as CHAdeMO and type 2 cables.

As an alternate battery backup are also available for instant charging which can be bought from us for rent.

The setup connects series of biofuel cells as side and series of photovoltaic cells on the other side which are connected together to the DC converters then the charge is allowed to move through the voltage doubler which is then stored in inverters.

The stored charges can be used for charging the electric vehicles using rectifiers and cables.

The fastest and efficient discharging batteries known as lithium batteries are used for the storage of charge.

From this small setup we can charge almost 30 to 50 vehicles per day with efficient amount of current. We can hence provide a fastest charging in a most feasible way.


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    Arunitha Vanitha Arunkumar
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    • Santhiya SM
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