Powercast’s 25-Year Maintenance-Free Building Automation Sensor & Controller Technology for HVAC & Lighting

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Powercast’s engineers have designed innovative technology - Wireless 25-Year Maintenance-Free Building Automation Sensor and Controller Technology for use in HVAC and Lighting Systems – intended to 1) save companies substantial energy, 2) cost 40% less than wired systems, 3) eliminate expensive and inconvenient battery maintenance and 4) reduce battery e-waste that litters landfills.

The technology is simple, intuitive and effective.

The Wireless Building Automation Sensor and Controller Technology features Powercast’s revolutionary Lifetime Power® battery-powered sensors that last 25 years to provide wireless, maintenance-free, advanced HVAC and lighting control:

  1. The wirelessly-controllable lighting technology achieves substantial energy savings because it can monitor ambient light levels to auto dim and turn off lights when motion sensors detect no occupants.
  2. The wireless HVAC sensor technology monitors environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, light, C02, differential pressure, contact closure, and more.

Such advanced environmental monitoring enables companies to embrace green initiatives, achieve LEED certification, adhere to regulatory requirements, and achieve significant cost savings through automation which can uncover patterns and insights to further optimize energy efficiency.

Powercast’s battery-powered sensors that last 25 years are a game changer in an industry where most Building Automation Systems’ (BAS) batteries last 7-10 years. Companies can expect a lifetime sensing and environmentally-friendly solution, eliminating both the hassle and expense of battery maintenance, and reducing disposable battery e-waste that also keeps toxins out of landfills.

Additional savings come from the wirelessly-powered sensors themselves. Companies don’t have to plan for building wiring or pay electrical labor to run wires. Without wires or battery maintenance, users can install more sensors to increase data for optimizing energy savings and comfort.

Powercast estimates its wirelessly-powered sensor technology can save users 40%-50% over the installed cost of wired sensor and controller BAS, while also making a positive impact on the environment.

About Powercast’s easy-to-install lighting technology:

  • Wireless devices quickly retrofit into existing fixtures (only three minutes/fixture), making installation up to 85% faster than competitors.
  • Facility managers can use advanced automation controls to optimize both their lighting and energy usage across multiple rooms and buildings by delivering the right amount of light to the right room at the right time. In a case study with a large, well-known university, Powercast’s technology allowed that university to reduce its total energy usage by 35%.
  • It monitors occupancy and vacancy and uses task tuning, daylight harvesting, scene selection, automatic shut off and dimming.
  • Remote control lets users manage, monitor and adjust lighting from a laptop, tablet or smart phone from anywhere.
  • Powercast estimates 30%-40% more life expectancy from lamps since they’re not “on” constantly.

Powercast’s BAS Gateway can scale up to 1000s of sensor nodes. The sensors and gateway communicate wirelessly, even through walls, providing robust communication even in concrete-rich environments.

Powercast has partnered with lighting and HVAC companies to both produce and deploy wireless HVAC and lighting systems in airports, theme parks, universities, and sports stadiums. Powercast also plans to partner with additional lighting and HVAC companies to produce and deploy future systems.

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