Moving Flood Waters to Drought Ravaged Areas Create a Line of Defense Against Wildfires

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Raintowers & Cloudships work together to prevent /combat wildfires, aid firefighters, save lives, fight drought, floods, famine, disease, replenish/protect water supply, aid farmers, relieve global suffering.

Reimagining water towers as strategically placed Raintowers equipped millions of gallons/water, UV sensors, GPS, high-powered RC water guns/cannons capable of shooting water several miles is the first line of defense and a new frontier in firefighting creating safer more efficient ways to combat wildfire and replenish drought.

Built-in wind turbines/solar activated by high winds/dry conditions release pre-emptive “drizzle” exercising towers. UV sensors detect fire; towers within proximity/wind direction are activated to high alert in preparation to contain fire within perimeter. Guardian Towers are the larger raintowers placed accordingly and the smaller towers are soldier towers acting together to form containment perimeters.

Cloudships are semi-rigid helium/hybrid airships whose primary mission is to relocate water. While traversing drought regions the provide artificial rain in-route to raintowers with the potential to form real clouds attaching to molecules/condensation of the vessel. The Cloudship perches atop raintower to a magnetic mooring depositing water into an opening atop the tower via gravity.

Cloudships load water through water collection systems and storage tanks unique to geographic locations, via pumps, gutter systems, rivers, lakes, dams, etc. Versatility is key.

There is nothing in the marketplace that considers the big picture of transporting flood water to Raintower in ADVANCE of a disaster with prevention/sustainability as forefront of the model. The water should already be there.

Cloudships have camouflage capability, instantly blending with its environment for military/security application with reflective/projection liner. Both will also be useful on Mars and interplanetary colonization.

There is enormous Global Market Potential as necessity. Water is our most precious resource. Farmers have been struggling for decades, their voices ignored.

The Paradise/Camp Fire, The Creek Fire, Texas Panhandle Fire, Australian Fires that killed over 1 billion animals and global disasters. Example: Paridise, CA Fire = 18 square miles, even just 4 to 8 raintowers could have saved lives.

Raintowers would be modified and manufactured in a similar way as water towers but engineered as raintowers. Cloudships, manufactured by aerospace companies, both with a team of specialized engineers, environmental, firefighters, NASA, etc., who understand environmental impact and challenges of geographic location.

Production cost and maintenance of Raintowers/Cloudships is comparable to water tower cost less everyday demand/ usage and Cloudships less than traditional airships as they are simplified with plug/play accessories lowering replacement cost. Cloudships are focused on hybrid sustainable energy and advances in magnetic levitation.

A water collection system is needed in high-risk flood regions with the ability to collect water before it hits the ground and stored in water tanks with the option to also directly collect storm water from the air by funneling it directly into the cloudship. We must also re-examine our water use choices including damming and diverting water ways that supply energy while completely depleting nature. It’s time to update our thinking.


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