Entrant Profile

Charalampos Kosmas

Location: Ilioupolis, Attiki Greece

Company: KOSMAS GEORING Services

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Inspired by: The Athenian mentality http://www.georing.biz/athenian.pdf
By focusing on what is the characteristic of the lunar surface in contrast to what we are used on Earth I realized that high mountains and large plains are the norm. Then it was straight forwards to design custom solutions for the two features. What is rather interesting though is that the one MACEDONAS can derive from the other OPLONAS.
Furthermore, the most important revelation is that both are scalable almost to unlimited size and EVOLVABLE. OPLONAS can evolve into a 4 wheel vehicle. These scales however suggest, if not dictate, international cooperation. Development of these systems will be driver for peaceful cooperation in space.

2021 Entries

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07/02 Lunar Cargos: Oplonas & Macedonas Aerospace & Defense 2534 35