Entrant Profile

Firas Najjar

Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Company: n/a

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: 1. The plasma engines that I see in Marvel movies that can operate in both air and space.
2. The potential to harness chemical energy from solids for air/space travel (increasing energy density and potentially power density of our fuel).

3. Thinking of Light and Matter. We have been manipulating matter (atoms) for millennia, but our ability to understand and harness light (photons, i.e. energy + information) and use it for our benefit will be what brings about the alien technologies we tend to portray in our science fiction movies. Lasers were invented in the 1940s and so i think we have a long and exciting way to go in the applications of Lasers. From the portable micro-scale lasers charged by USBs used for daily blood/ urine tests from the comfort of your home, to the lasers that will control and power our future space craft, we are just at the beginning of understanding the true power of light (Which i understand as Energy (i.e. fluid matter) + Information).

2021 Entries

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06/30 Plasma Solid-State Engine Aerospace & Defense 312 1