Entrant Profile

Shubham Solanki

Location: New Delhi, Maharashtra India


Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: Buildings contribute to 40% of India’s electricity consumption. This energy consumption is projected to double from 544 TWh to 1192 TWh by 2030. Thus, upgrading the 1.4 billion sqm of the existing building stock is the key to achieve energy efficiency and India’s Nationally determined contributions. As per the survey/ studies, we can save 25 billion units of electricity which on an average means annual savings of INR 105 billion every year. Currently, services in the domain of Building Energy Management are being provided by more than 170 companies. They work largely in the domain of HVAC system and Industrial equipment optimization and rely heavily on complex sensor architecture, working through a data-driven approach. On the contrary, there are several Green building and engineering consultants that provide solutions through energy audits and preparing detailed calibrated energy simulation models of the buildings.
The key challenges in the data-driven approach are lack of predictive control, expensive hardware, and too many sensors for monitoring and automation. With the simulation-based approach, the challenges are extensive manual efforts and huge uncertainty in simulation models. Thus, the current solutions lack scalability, affordability, and simplicity. This a huge reason why the problem and the energy wasted in the buildings persist despite their efforts.
Therefore, ergEnomics deploys a unique approach to operate and optimize a building’s energy and comfort system through a Digital Surrogate of a building, a hybrid, and best of both data-driven and physics-based simulations to solve the challenges in the Building energy management domain.
Our aim is to create a digital ecosystem fostering comfortable, safer, healthier & efficient buildings.