Entrant Profile

Suraj Singh

Location: New Delhi, Delhi India

Company: UPES,Dehradun

Profession: Student

Inspired by: I always try to gain knowledge from diverse domains and club them together so as to innovate and come up with something new so as to solve root level problems in the society I live in .Till now localizing the mobile jamming system to work only for particular range is not available and due to this the whole area gets jammed affecting the security personnel and innocent civilians .It was the year 2008 when 12 Terrorists came into my nation killing and injuring more than 500 innocent people and till this day I have remembered that incident and believed in innovating to strengthen the defense and empowering the underprivileged. I believe that technology has no use unless it works for the mankind and this has inspired me to work for the people .
Rising by lifting others has been my motto in life and I aspire to bring change in the world I live in.

2021 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
07/02 AI Powered Mobile Jammer Mounted Drone Aerospace & Defense 1900 0