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Location: Ukiah, California United States

Company: Eon Electric

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Favorite design and analysis tools: My current entry with additional info: . The Park itself contained in a sub-terrain spherical half of bentonite clay type material to prevent further ground water seepage. The interior walls and platforms are of local material as much as possible to insure stability they may be composed of grabbo type barriers vertically as trees may be introduce all dependent on which plantae will provide quickest uptake and best air quality. The bentonite clay barrier is not shown in provided line drawing. Also not shown is the need for a corporate sponsorship possibly to have a satellite in combination for a ozone generator above our toposphere producing O3 on a continuing basis for better results for all flora and to include fauna as part of our overall biosphere. To keep everything cool and productive for many if not all life forms to follow.

Inspired by: The sustainability of all present ecosystems and recovery of land and water.

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