Entrant Profile

Tunç Kip

Location: Atlanta, Georgia United States

Company: GAMUT

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Inspired by: The sheer act of engineering is my main motivation. Having the chance the solve everyday problems while achieve positive impact lasting for days, getting to this together with a similar minded group are the things that make me interested in participating in this competition.

The world has gone through a period of abundant resources during which any engineered solution was expected mainly due its outcome related to the product delivered. At the same time, many adverse outcomes were overlooked.

Currently we are in a position where we can no longer overlook these other outcomes impacting the environment, natural resources, the human aspect of global supply chains. The knowledge from that free for all period must be channeled to come up with solutions that put sustainability and the environment at the very top.

We look forward to delivering a key tool in this mission.