Entrant Profile

Kamran Ford

Location: Van Nuys, California United States

Company: Kam Design

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: This invention came out of frustration!!! I am an Aircraft Mechanic. I have worked for Lockheed, SpaceX, and Boeing. Even BEFORE Covid technicians were frustrated when safety glass fog. Covid made it 100 times worst for us. When wearing a mask-which is mandatory in industries- glasses fog up even if you using antifog lenses. Anti-Fog lenses don't work because they make the fog watery, giving an illusion of a waterfall when you are working, which os VERY irritating. My invention is experience proven. IT WORKS!!! No FOG!!!
Out of frustration I drilled tiny holes on the surface of my safety glasses and the fog was gone. The principle behind it is Venturi effect. Hot air rising up pulled the outside cold air in and FOG IS GONE!!!
Since then I have optimized my design but because I still work 12 hours a day I had no time for new drawing. I have filed patent.

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05/16 Fog Free Saftey Glasses Consumer Product Design 2646 6