Entrant Profile

Dexter Carrie

Location: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Company: None

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Number of times previously entering contest: never

Favorite design and analysis tools: Daniel Simon or Syd Mead concepts, guns, motorcycles, cars, architecture. I like working with a blend of Alias, Keyshot and Photoshop and hands-on 3D modeling. But most of all my designs all start from the 2D ideation work that becomes developed further.

Hobbies and activities: Sports, Art, Music, Drawing, Motorsports,

Online communities: Facebook and Linkedin

Inspired by: I look at nature at times if I want to use biomimicry and organic form language, even for concepts that deal with functioning parts. I like to mix technical, vintage, and modern elements, while trying to balance feasibility and design/graphic aesthetics. Whatever I design I want to design it to help improve the needs of people and customers to have a greater quality of life. The design needs to be compelling enough and interesting to look at, while being well thought out from the research findings.

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