Entrant Profile

Carole Jeannon

Location: Mérignac, Aquitaine France (Includes Monaco)

Company: Brevaroc Company

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Inspired by: A paradox :

the burst of novel technologies creates opportunities at worldwide scale in terms of integration, partnerships, recognition.

Everywhere, minds happen to discover differences as desirable

- on one part.

- On the other part,

Climate change, population growth, health endangering through obesity, diabetes, cancer,

threats on mere survival for territorial profiles increasingly large : excess of water, lack of water, fire, hunger, people under local stresses
through wars are at stake.

This paradox :

abundance of technical resources
associated correlatively with high
education level, are facing
endangering of earth foundation,

well, this paradox is urging me, us, to
act strongly, positively.

IoT, RFID, memory form factor,
personal robot, cloud computing,
are creating opportunities
that invite to
speed connection between people.

Shortened time to market,
enhanced capacity to
create strong value
as much in revenue streams
as for public wealth and wellness,
are corner stone for any observer.

i, personally, rely on technology to
secure long-term accomplishment
of individuals.

Fuel battery, solar power, are there,
closer and closer.

The end of pollution nuisance ?

Yes, I would say.

Each and every problem seemingly
can be addressed - and solved too ,
substantially lessened, at least.

A domestic sort of intranet, IoT, can
be built.

A personal robot can be involved.

A new approach to partnership that
links food providers and
food consumers
is worth trying :

health, environment, local poverty,
improvements might well result

General comfort can be gained.

Involvement of major business
leaders is a key requirement.
No doubt.

Robust new revenue streams
are to be derived as current trends
validate the option -
Here is the good new.

Huge work, large size financial
short-term requirements,
long-term reward - if any,
that's how a good business life

Cloud computing, IoT,
personal robotics,
new materials,
new components,
new business intelligence,
require us to think wide,
to think out of the box,
to go fast pace.

I am deeply pushed ahead to bring
you, Nasa people -
you who plan bold building of a lift
for moon quiet acquaintance ,
you who have Voyager 1 enter
interstellar space -
a project that aims to
make the world a better place
for everybody and all..

It may not comply with instant
marketability requirement.

Both feasibility and marketability
are entailed though:

food manufacturers, retailers,
are challenged,
they will go cloud computing
or disappear.

Home is the strategic marketplace
for top technology application.

Objects do dialog

for comforting human leisure,
for favoring intimacy,
for having people get the very best
in health securitization through
food, not health devastation by
food inadequacy.

Personal robots are mature to
bring individual support.

A step has to be taken to open
the door to their adoption at crowd

so that the world benefits from
contemporary resources.

For instance,
through robot friendly coaching
can a person consider eating better
food, not so fast, and may wish
to control coffee, cigarette,
wine/alcohol addiction
or whatever it may be.

The business model
for such a home ecosystem
is likely to rely on
Web Service subscription,
hardware and middleware being
settled instantly or monthly .

Partnerships at professional level,
notably between food producers
and nutritionists as well as

at consumers level between
neighbors sharing a will
of redistribution,

between producers,
retailers and consumers upon
of the "coptainers"
making a common eco-friendly

may turn to be those building blocks
enough and sufficient to stand as environmental friends urging for the
good and fighting the bad all over the

Updating of RFID tags allows
personalization of food -
and, even more, food
personalization among the
family members

where food manufacturers both
secure customer loyalty and
derive large-scale revenue
streams -

An era of proof-of-concept food
might well result:
the quantified-self data
may increase in accuracy with
regard to the metabolic
incidence of food

Then, derived guidance
could result in relief as to
public health major concerns
The filing of the patent
for the DO.IOT is not
fully completed yet, so
it should not be disclosed -
The time left will be sufficient
for completion..

Thank you for reading.