Entrant Profile

Princess Leia Lucas

Location: Foster City, California United States

Company: IFNBT®; of 6, PLL Foundations

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Inspired by: Aside from successes: Having grown up with close family in politics, covert government and major university positions, I was both taught, and traumatized, a lot. I was privy to so many people, and so much classified information, that it made me a target, even as a child. However, I have now regained all of my memory, and remember some of the most amazing heroes, information and inspiring true stories on the planet. They taught me that everyone is worth trying to save, in any situation, no matter what. And, what I learned about how to help people, naturally, without risks or major costs, is absolutely profound. Therefore, I fully intend to continue this work, bringing all we/I have learned into the public domain, with whatever time I have left on this, my beloved planet. I am deeply grateful for the work, all of you who saved me, and, all of you who have allowed me to also help you. THANK YOU, for giving my life purpose and meaning, and for helping so many others! You are appreciated. "Together we are one. The Force is YOU". DP®©