Entrant Profile

John Manjila

Location: Udupi, Karnataka India

Company: ATOM

Profession: Student

Inspired by: Aditya Mohan :
He has been part of Parikshit student satellite team and has exposure in the fields required for the product development, and was also part of the Indian chapter of IAESTE, where he worked extensively in the business development, public relations and the administration departments. The skill-set, so developed, fits the portfolio of managing the technical and the business sides of the and gives a central vision and strategy to the company

Akash Kollipara :
He has been developing innovative technology since a really young age and as a result, has a skill-set that is hardly rivalled by engineers, working even in the industry. This allows him to have a major say in the technical aspects and the product architecture itself, fits him perfectly for the role of pushing the research and development forward and set vision to the company by innovating and redefining the technology.

John Majila :
He has been actively involved in managing the finances of various organisations he has worked for, and has a vast experience with a keen insight in the field. Moreover, he has a pretty decent exposure in the field of marketing with due to having worked on a small-scale business of his own. Hence, he fits perfectly in the role of managing the backbone of the company i.e. finance, and also has a say in the business and marketing fields of the start-up.