Entrant Profile

Jesse Eichenlaub

Location: Rochester, New York United States

Company: Dimension Technologies Inc.

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Number of times previously entering contest: never

Favorite design and analysis tools: Zemax, SolidWorks

Hobbies and activities: 3D imaging/display, history, astronomy, space

Online communities: Linked In.

Inspired by: DTI learned early in our development and marketing history that when it comes to 3D displays, people want everything that they have with their normal 2D displays – all the resolution, color, brightness, wide angle of view, form factor, standard interfaces, and compatibility with popular software, not to mention the lack of special eye wear. It’s not enough just to make a 3D display – something that many companies have learned over the years as they have tried and failed to penetrate various markets. Devising 3D display technology that can give the user everything they are used to plus 3D has been the focus of our development effort and step by step improvement for many years, leading to the current advanced optical and electronic designs.

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