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Champak Bora

Location: Guwahati, Assam India

Company: Science

Profession: Educator

Inspired by: Uses And Introduction :- This is a beautiful progress. A new look has been given from the general calculator. Automatic calculation can be done in this calculator. On the other hand, on any item or anything, people will be able to do this from the Automatic Counting Device. Her words mean a beautiful Auto Counting Digital Device . Its price is very low. General calculator price is equal. This new digital device can be bought and used by all people. It's very easy to use this Automatic Counting Digital device. From older people to younger boys or girls, this device can be used in home and profession . Home work can be used as a general calculator . Above that, it can be used for traditional also . If there is a business, it can be said that there were very few actors in the house , it can be done at the same time. On top of that, the automotive counting will be placed in front of the door with the sensor of the calculator . After that the results of the Automatic Counting will be available. In such a way, this digital device can be used in many places such as schools, colleges, temple , mosques, churches, railway stations, airports etc. How much production is going on in business, how many boxes are available, this automatic counting device can be used. There will be a new Automatic Counting digital device used in different ways.
Initially: - First of all, it needs to be done in a common calculator. You can use it as a general calculator on the go. If you want to do an Atomic Counter, then you go push Start or on button to . After doing , Automatic Counting , connect output sensor . After that, turn the last auto count button on one end. After this you can do all the previous Automatic Countering.

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