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Cecilia Xi

Location: Santa Clara, California United States

Company: BelleT

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Inspired by: Current skincare market doesn't meet most women's and men's needs. Too many cases of trial & error happen, which are wasting time and money. Moreover, a lot of people are taking care of their skins inappropriately (most just buy expensive new anti-aging products) due to lack of understanding of their own skin. How to keep skin healthy and look young?

This design idea comes from home use remote patient monitoring devices. The skin is our largest organ, so we should take good care of it scientifically as other parts of our body. Why can't skin be easily monitored and quantified just like blood pressure and oxygen? A single aspect of monitoring may not be adequate, so related risk factors need to be taken care of, too. A wearable system is the best to take measurements easily at any time and any place.

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06/26 Smart Multi-Function Skin Monitoring Wearable System Consumer Products 926 2