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Ulysses Dinkins

Location: Marshall, Wisconsin United States

Company: UCHardChip Inc.

Profession: Carpenter and entrepreneur

Inspired by: The interior suspension in this construction hard hat is crammed with electronics. Curious?

I’m Ulysses Dinkins. This is UCHardChip’s first working model of a “smart” hardhat.
• It will put a big dent in the 13 billion dollars of annual injury costs,
• And the 177 billion dollars of annual rework and delay costs in the construction industry,
• which, by the way, is the most unsafe and least productive industry in America.

But for me, this is personal. I’ve been a commercial carpenter for fifteen years.
• I don’t want to see any more of my friends injured or die,
• I don’t want an injured friend lying in pain for hours until someone finds them,
• I want to get home safe every night, and
• I don’t want to be blamed for building something wrong.
• In construction, Minutes Matter!

Supervisors and safety monitors have phones or radios. At the face-of-the-work we don’t.
• We have a tool in one hand and materials in the other.
• Any communication has to be hands-free or automated.

UCHardChip products:
• Know where we are in the building;
• Know the environmental conditions, like the presence of toxic gas;
• Know our medical vitals, like heart rate;
• They’ll light up a dark space automatically;
• Voice recognition will let us call in emergencies;
• And direct first responders to us;
• Or ask for job instructions so we don’t have to guess.

We’ve made rapid progress:
• We have a pending patent,
• We’ve raised angel capital,
• We’ve formed a team of experts,
• We have a manufacturer, and
• We have waiting customers.

Now, it’s time to turn everything we’ve learned into an updated version for field evaluations. For that, we need seed capital.
• To save lives,
• To prevent injuries,
• To build our buildings quicker, better and more affordable,
• Join us and contact me for more information.

Thank you!

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