Entrant Profile

Mia Mihailovic

Location: Austin, Texas United States

Company: ama biotech Inc

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: ama biotech is a female-owned medical diagnostic company founded by three best friends. As first-generation Americans with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, the ama team understands the value of representation and opportunity. Moreover, we at ama biotech consider it our duty to leverage our higher education (graduate studies in chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, and microbiology) as means of empowerment for others. Our first pursuit is to confront the urgent STD epidemic that has disproportionately devastating consequences for women, especially those in marginalized communities. We believe that the current model of STD testing is outdated, inaccessible and inefficient, leaving vulnerable populations uninformed about their health status. To enable all women to be in control of their personal health, we will use state of the art molecular biology tools to create an affordable, fully at-home STD diagnostic product specifically for women.