Zeus Industrial Products is a global leader in advanced polymer solutions, helping customers overcome complex design and engineering challenges since 1966. Zeus’ polymer solutions include tubing, heat shrinks, and a range of specialty products such as biomaterials, monofilaments, and many more. A range of value-add services, including product assembly, drilling, etching, fillers, flaring, flanging, and more, allow customers to further optimize products to their specific application needs. Additionally, Zeus services for the medical device industry extend to contract design and manufacturing, allowing customers a single source for catheter design, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing. For more than 50 years, customers have depended on their best-in-class quality and technical support, global reach, and high-volume manufacturing capabilities to gain a critical competitive advantage in the market. From concept to commercialization, they are present every step of the way, providing products, services, and solutions that fuel product innovation. For more information, visit https://www.zeusinc.com.


  • Engineering Possibilities: New Liners for Next-Gen Catheters

    To advance therapies deeper into the vasculature, the catheters of tomorrow must become smaller and more flexible while still possessing the strength required to deliver these crucial therapies. By providing engineers with more liner options, new catheter designs that once seemed unimaginable can now be explored.

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  • Transforming Neurovascular Microcatheter Production

    Innovative microcatheter technology and production techniques have enabled sophisticated treatments for patients with neurovascular conditions. However, manufacturers of these devices are faced with the challenge of delamination, which can have a serious impact on patient safety and production yields.

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  • Structural Heart Catheter Construction

    Thanks to advances in minimally invasive catheter-based procedures, structural heart diseases are now often treated through endovascular therapy. However, manufacturing structural heart catheters is not without its challenges, particularly when it comes to the final stage in production, the removal of heat shrink.

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  • Endovascular Interventions: Below-the-Knee

    Despite advances in routine below-the-knee peripheral endovascular intervention, device manufacturers are still faced with the challenge of designing catheters with the right combination of properties that can more easily access and navigate the highly tortuous vasculature below-the-knee.

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