Summit Interconnect

Summit Interconnect is the largest privately held PCB manufacturer in North America. With field application engineers across North America, best-in-class processes, top-of-the-line equipment, and redundant facilities, Summit is the clear choice when selecting a manufacturer for mission-critical PCB designs. The company’s eight, high-tech facilities offer customers a complete portfolio of PCB services for high-mix, low-volume programs including HDI rigid, flex, rigid-flex, assembly, and quick-turn prototypes. Summit’s teams are led by some of the most knowledgeable industry experts in the country. Pairing young professionals with PCB veterans ensures customers benefit from hands-on experience building today’s most complex boards. Working alongside customers, Summit is pushing the boundaries of what is possible, helping to create inventive and transformative electronic products. Learn more at


  • PCB 101: How Boards are Manufactured

    This webinar recording explains each step of the PCB fabrication process. Topics covered include:

    • How design files are converted to working data.
    • Selecting the right material for your project.
    • Overview of manufacturing equipment.
    • Lamination, drilling, plating, and many more processes.

    Watch now.

  • PCB Capabilities for All Designs

    With eight, integrated high-tech facilities, Summit has the ability to fabricate and assemble all your designs, from quick-turn boards to complex, high-layer count PCBs with blind and buried vias.

    Click here for a detailed list of our capabilities.

  • 11 Ways to Get Your PCBs Faster

    Design engineers are asked to design more new products in less time. Fortunately, there are proven strategies to avoid delays and get PCBs faster. Read this article to learn 11 ways you can get your PCBs in days, not weeks. Provided by Advanced Assembly, a Summit Interconnect company.

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