Personal Life Belt Guard JCB

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Personal Life Belt Guard JCB
What problem does your design idea to solve?
This personal belt fits any swimsuit and serves to protect the bather of sharks and other marine animals, like jellyfish attacks whenever you have small compartments which incorporates a mini creator of electromagnetic waves, a mini producer ultrafrecuencias and ultra sounds, and can also be a mini sound that warns about the presence of an animal or nearby object, also you can incorporate a chemical sprinkler that away the body of the bather, animals and because not a mini GPS should be carried by sea.
What are the potential benefits?
The first benefits than all save lives and prevent injuries when is this swimming waters infested shark or dangerous for swimmers. How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace? There is nothing similar in the market and is not producer dificl or market. Where would this idea be applied? Anywhere in the world where go to swim or enjoy the sea and beaches. What is the market potential? Sales potential is unlimited as the swimwear with the benefit of these protecting your life. How does your design work? Like the simple things of nature a simple belt with compartments that conforms to the body and comes in many designs and colors. How would your product be manufactured? Any belt as occurs in the world. How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace? Production costs are equal to the costs of producing a belt with some additives.


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    Juan Carlos Bedoya Velasquez
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    Business Owner/Manager
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