A folio and writing surface for drawing or writing pad, which opens 360 degrees, allowing for ease of use in the field as well as compact desk use.

The idea of this design goes back many years. To design a very compact plane, with enough space to carry 4 people in comfort. In the initial model I built CG problems occurred, which led me to a different "double wing" design featured here. The initial model, a glider,

Traditional pressure-boundary piping gaskets, such as pipe flanges and valve body-to-bonnet joints, can leak due to many factors.

This self contained highway lighting apparatus consists of a base made in the same cross sectional dimensions of existing "K" rails that divided the Highways. This base will have a hole that accepts the drop in style of this lighting unit.

Imagine if you will you walk into a room any room.

The 3D Virtual Reality System completely immerses the user in a dynamic 3D visual and 3D audio environment that changes naturally in response to the user's movements. The user wears specially designed goggles that create the 3D visual and audio environment.

* Here is a product that enhances the security or safety of individuals, businesses, communities, or nations.

* According to Wikipedia, revolving doors are favoured because they can be used as an airlock to minimise a building's heating and air conditioning losses.


An Invention of Bálint Szent-Miklósy
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Picking up trash in the parks or along roadways is one of the most inefficient tasks currently performed.

My name is Troy McCurry.I was a Tool Designer for the Jacobs Manufacturing Co. from 1993 thru 1998. In 1998 Jacobs Manufacturing Co. moved all production off-shore. 300 American jobs left as well.

Spacecoast Plasma & High energy Electrostatics Research & Engineering Laboratory (SPHERELAV

* SPHERELAB is being organized to attract new public and private funding to Central Florida by establishing a strong, innovative Plasma Science & Technology Program

* Plasma Research &

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