A folio and writing surface for drawing or writing pad, which opens 360 degrees, allowing for ease of use in the field as well as compact desk use. It provides a new and elegant alternative to the messy appearance and extra use of hard-to-recycle metal or plastic spiral binding; and also to the inconvenience of folios that are not made to open 360 degrees and hence are cumbersome or short-lived due to fatigue of the spine material.

The innovation consists of a hinged spine, with a variable number of divisions in the sleeves, attached to the cover panels by a flexible membrane.

Various methods of closure for the folio are possible but not necessary.

The hinge ‘pin’ is conceived ...

The idea of this design goes back many years. To design a very compact plane, with enough space to carry 4 people in comfort. In the initial model I built CG problems occurred, which led me to a different "double wing" design featured here. The initial model, a glider, flew extremely well once I used a counterweight to balance the plane. In a full size plane this would not have been feasible. The model had an excellent glide ratio. By redesigning the wing the CG problem is solved. Supposedly, this type of wing should cause inefficiencies due to air turbulence within the wing. Then the model should not have flown. The next step is a large scale motorized model ...

Traditional pressure-boundary piping gaskets, such as pipe flanges and valve body-to-bonnet joints, can leak due to many factors. Chief among these are (i) improper initial gasket seating stress (GSS) sufficient to form a seal and (ii) failure to maintain the initial GSS in-service due to creep relaxation of the gasket sealing material over time.

GSS is a function of the design pressure for the system. To obtain the desired GSS, the required torque on the closure fasteners, fastener number and diameter, the 'nut' or 'K' factor pertaining to various factors including friction, are all taken into consideration. This produces an estimated initial tension in the fasteners referred to as fastener preload. With a known preload and gasket dimensions, the ...

This self contained highway lighting apparatus consists of a base made in the same cross sectional dimensions of existing "K" rails that divided the Highways. This base will have a hole that accepts the drop in style of this lighting unit. A Pole that slides into the base and held axially by means of a key slot at bottom of tube and a bar imbedded into the base. The Pole Assembly has a vertically axel wind vane assembly. And at the top of the Pole will be a High output LED Array encased in an enclosure. The cover for this enclosure will also accommodate a photovoltaic panel to complement power generation.
Conceptually the idea is to capture the opposing ...

Imagine if you will you walk into a room any room. You put these quarter size sensors up on four corners of the room you set up a perimeter you put on a special pair of glasses that use transparent lcd displays with a portable power pack that goes on your belt .A pair of gloves with the same sensor on it you put in the room. You turn the pc unit on nothing happens then u hit the switch on the power pack your wearing, a transparent world shows in the glasses menus pop up on command . Today you want to design a bandsaw to go in your garage in the back so you open your garage ...

The 3D Virtual Reality System completely immerses the user in a dynamic 3D visual and 3D audio environment that changes naturally in response to the user's movements. The user wears specially designed goggles that create the 3D visual and audio environment. The goggles incorporate head-tracking technology so that the user's movements are detected and the images and sounds are fluidly changed to naturally track the user's point of view. The result is a totally immersive virtual reality experience wherein the user naturally interacts with the virtual environment.

The system will revolutionize video games and movies, as well as simulators and training systems, heads up displays for vehicles and aircraft, remote medicine, video conferencing, exercise systems, and many other applications.


* Here is a product that enhances the security or safety of individuals, businesses, communities, or nations.

* According to Wikipedia, revolving doors are favoured because they can be used as an airlock to minimise a building's heating and air conditioning losses.

* This principle can effectively be applied to the requirement to transfer plastic trays from ambient conditions into and out of a pressurised, high-temperature atmosphere at production speeds.

* The proposed process to transfer trays from ambient to CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) conditions (high temperature and high pressure) quickly and efficiently is the "4-Chamber Horizontal Revolving-Door Airlock System".

* The novel 4-Chamber Horizontal ...


An Invention of Bálint Szent-Miklósy
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Picking up trash in the parks or along roadways is one of the most inefficient tasks currently performed. Equipment given to Parks and Sanitation Department workers saves them from bending by using a gripping tool that lets them grab the offending object and place it in a receptacle. This requires the use of the hand to press a trigger and the movement of the whole arm to move one object at a time to a container. This approximately 5 feet of motion vertically and horizontally is repeated innumerable times wasting time and energy.

A similar device with 52 grippers is called “52 Pickup.” These 52 grippers travel – like zipper ...

My name is Troy McCurry.I was a Tool Designer for the Jacobs Manufacturing Co. from 1993 thru 1998. In 1998 Jacobs Manufacturing Co. moved all production off-shore. 300 American jobs left as well.I can only assume this was impacted by the cost of producing a drill chuck in the USA and competing with other companies manufacturing drill chucks off-shore.

Now ask yourself what if it was not that way?

Now we have the “Little Mac” style of Power drill chucks. This product is covered under patent # 6,637,756. From the commonality of parts to the compact styling and reliability features build into this chuck, you will find it to be a revolutionary concept design with 56 patented clams.

Simply ...

Spacecoast Plasma & High energy Electrostatics Research & Engineering Laboratory (SPHERELAV

* SPHERELAB is being organized to attract new public and private funding to Central Florida by establishing a strong, innovative Plasma Science & Technology Program

* Plasma Research & Development has funding priority in Washington

* This program will develop 'Signature Instruments' to attract Faculty, Visiting Researchers, and Grad Students to the region

* Research Facility for Applied Plasma Science & Engineering

* High Performance Aerospace Power & Propulsion

* Terrestrial Environmental Alternative Energy Options

* Next Generation Radiofrequency Antenna Architectures

* Advanced Laser/Maser Systems Development

* Pollution Control & Resource Recovery

* Mineral Refining & Industrial Processing

Build a World-Class Plasma Lab

* Create a Nurturing R&D ...

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