Automatic Car Fan Adjuster

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Many people have to manually reach over to the air vents in their cars to let the air blow into their face. But they could be doing a combination of things all at a same time, including adjusting the air vent to a more desirable location. If the Air vents could automatically adjust so that it is directed at their face, it would be very convenient and be considerably safer. The reason for the automatic adjusting of the air vents being safe is that it eliminates one of the many distractions that drivers face while they are driving. This could potentially reduce the number of crashes dramatically. How it works is that a camera located in the steering wheel, or in any other location where the driver's face could easily be detected, could use face-detection technology to find the driver's face and then signal servos will control the fins and move them accordingly so the air can be directed at the drivers face. The servos will be pre-calibrated at the factory but can be re-calibrated to personal settings if desired. This eliminates the re-adjusting of the air fins after a hard turn, since the body shifts/leans to the right or left and your head's location will be altered slightly each time. This could also be paired up with voice-recognition technology to further have convenient hands-free customization of car controls. Face-detection Technology is readily available in numerous hand-held devices and is very easy to implant.


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