The Thug Mug

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WalkSafe Products are designed to be useful, convenient and attractive items that include safety and security features, including instructional booklets, discussions groups and videos. These resources are "enhanced user manuals" that not only helps the user make the best use of the product, it also encourages a basic mindset of awareness that is always beneficial.

We bring an innovative new spin on already familiar products. One such example is the WalkSafe Flashlight, which can be conveniently carried in purse, pocket or belt clip. This also includes a built-in webcam that can be used easily for videoconferencing, Skype or immediatly alerting 911 to an emergency situation and initiating a live video/audio session with GPS information. Bluetooth connectivity allows MP3 playback and wireless phone calls and a USB port allows easy transfer of data. A built-in security and self-defense mode allows activation audio and visual alerts (sound, flashing caution lights), standard flashlight and/or strobe to help disable an attacker.

Similar features are also included in the microwave and dishwasher safe Knuckle-Cup. The Knuckle-Cup's reinforced chassis design also includes multiple lighting modes from the built-on LED flashlight and security features. This makes a great gift, incentive, or purchase for anyone. Boys and girls, both the young and the elderly, can enjoy the experience that the Knuckle-Cup can provide. Our clients will rest easier knowing that the walks to and from the car are safer with our product.


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