Smart Windows and Doors

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Smart Windows & Doors
Windows and doors (including their frames), that have switches, sensors and control circuitry built into them at the factory at the time of manufacture. These windows and doors would be pre-wired with switches and or sensors to facilitate their incorporation into home security and smart home monitoring systems. Presently windows and doors must be modified after their installation to incorporate security switches and sensors. This process can be painstaking, time consuming and costly depending upon the technology and how discreetly they’re installed. By having the switches and sensors installed at the time of manufacture they can be professionally incorporated into the design of the window such that they are invisible. Interfacing the smart window or door could be done in several ways. They could have simple internal contact switches that are wired into the homes security or smart system or they could employ smart technology such as RFID or various other RF communication methods such as is transmitted through air or over the homes AC power wiring. Each window or door could even get it’s own IP address for easy control and monitoring. Sensors to detect levels of temperature, sound and vibration, including movement or displacement, moisture, gas seal integrity, and even ambient light levels all of which could be remotely monitored and controlled. The window and door locking mechanisms could even be remotely controlled.


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