Cooling Off Protective Systems (C.O.P.S.)

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It all began in a High School chemistry class where we had to do a project on heating or cooling. This project was going to be for a design completion at the University of Pittsburgh. We were racking our brains on what to do. One of the security guards at the school heard about the project and stated that we works with the police force and one of the problems they run into is the heat of their bullet proof vests. If we could find a way to cool the vest without increasing the weight by more than a pound, we would have a winner. This seemed like a worthwhile cause so we took it on. Since we could not keep the vest, we had to make one of our own. We measured the real vest and used suede and foam to create our prototype. This then gave us platform to test the cooling systems and chemicals.

Cooling Off Protective Systems' constant temperature exotherm type technology utilizes non-toxic, non-carcinogenic blends of crystalline alkanes that possess attributes of low chemical reactivity with extremely high stability due to their molecular structures and bonding properties. Each blend yields a substance that melts or solidifies at a specific preset temperature and remains at that temperature for a predetermined time. Each blended formulation is then encapsulated in a proprietary copolymer film in anatomical configurations that are user friendly for humans and animals. Cooling Off Protective Systems' technology utilizes blends from 42 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit for a myriad of cooling/warming applications.


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    At Wilkinsburg School District we encourage innovation in our classrooms and our students are winning awards to that affect. It's the students designs that we are submitting and they inspire us to teach more.
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