Continuous building/structure frame reinforcing

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Combined Moment, Damping, & Post-Tensioning Structural Steel Strap-Nets Reinforcing Methods provide total structural body-frame force-resistance and stress-reductions with a single, easily assembled & installable reinforcing component.

Developed primarily for buildings, this recently innovated reinforcing method is applicable to all types of assembled rigid structural body-frames.

The unique Damping(shock-absorbing)feature absorbs, disperses, and dissipates dynamic forces and loads from the impacted frame, reducing harmful vibratory actions on the frame tributaries, and the two frame reinforcing features of Moment and Post-Tensioning prevents harmful movements, leanings, and twisting actions on the frame, for a continuous total-frame, uniform full-reinforcing, variable and repeating force-resisting combined structural performing frame system.

Requiring fewer reinforcing connectors, fasteners, and shear-resisting frame coverings, bracings, and stiffeners, the continuously reinforced building/structure frame requires much less labor & materials to construct/assemble.

The improved structural performances of continuously reinforced building/structure frames reduces structural failures in seismic, wind, and collision forces, saving lives and financial burdens in earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, plane and car crashes, heavy snow/other weight loadings!

Structural Strap-Nets install to the main structural body-frame, with extensions that can extend into foundations, over cross-framing of floors and roofs, and to attached structures like decks, patios, and room additions. Another extension method can also relieve stresses on door and window frames, reducing damages to these components as well.

In open-spaced frames, lighter weight frame coverings can be applied that also can better protect the building/structure interiors from temperature, water, fire, and other hazardous chemicals.

Summary: Structural Steel Strap-Nets & Extensions improve building and structure performance in hazardous seismic, wind and collision forces, saves time, labor, materials, and money during construction/assembly; saves lives, injuries, response hardships, and stored products during and after natural disasters and additional hazardous events; saves natural resources consumptions, energy consumptions, and environmental pollutants in all climates; expands safe location property and community development possibilities; expands geometric designing possibilities; expands structural upgrading retro-fitting possibilities of existing buildings and structures; expands education, science and technology study, research and development; creates more jobs than are compromised; and generates a new economic base to prosper from.

Thank you for the Contest, God Bless

Randy Lee Dube, A.S.C.E.
Tor-Eggs-Tor Design Solutions


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