Talking Vehicle

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Vehicle Information Communication System (VIX) is designed to enhance the information communication between vehicles, as the supplement to the observation of the drivers. It is a wireless communication kit installed in a vehicle to actively provide the information about this vehicle or pass on the information it received to other vehicle as well as receiving information from them. Once VIX is built in, almost any information can be commuted among vehicles. For example, Car #1 running at the fast lane will inform Car #2 running at the slow lane ahead of it that I am going to bypass you, please do not turn left. So if the driver of Car #2 does not notice Car #1 and intends to turn left, VIX of Car #2 will remind him by signals or other means so as to avoid a crash. VIX can also pass on the information it received. For example, when a traffic jam is formed, the car gradually stuck there will release the information to the cars following them: Please select another road! and this information will be passed on and more serious jam could be avoided. In a more emergency case, when a crash happened and nobody involved could place a warning sign, VIX is naturally the invisible warning sign to the following cars as long as VIX can still work. If so, the possibilities of chain-collision can be greatly reduced. Thanks to the wireless communication technique, the talking among the vehicles can also benefit the human beings.


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