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Any adventure/extreme sport, trekking or geological survey teams meet with accidents. For a mountain rescue operation team it takes atleast 5 persons to transport an injured person down an ice capped mountain or from any other difficult to access rough terrain. The vehicles already available to maneuver these terrains are for limited slopes and higher costs. The vehicle that is proposed is a triangular one with 5 wheels that can be parked at any angle of inclination (up to 60o) without toppling. The C.G of the vehicle is contained with in the body of the vehicle because of the variable wheel size and lower seating level arrangement and with stand air currents up to 50 kmph. The vehicle can be driven both ways so that there is no need to turn around, the driver seat alone is swiveled. The tracks are designed to maneuver a terrain of rocky material containing irregularities and snow covered peaks. They can withstand extreme weather conditions, temperature ranging from -30o C to + 20o C. Apart from carrying one person uphill and two persons down hill it must carry all the safety gears and medical kit, the total weight amounting to 190 kg.

The engine is a 4 cylinder-Diesel (DI, TCIC) of 35 bhp @ 3500 rpm power capability. Transmission is fully Hydrostatic (Hydraulic automatic transmissions). Exhaust Braking is used for stopping the vehicle and the steering is Articulated hydrostatic. Both braking and steering is done using Joy Stick Control for the ease of operation by the driver. The track is made of reinforced rubber and the wheels are made of Cast alloy. The dimensions of the vehicle: Height: 1.05 m, Length: 2.165 m, Width: 2.5 m. On a gradient of slope 45° the max speed reachable is 10.8 km/h with GVW of 650 kg running at 24 volt/180 Amp-hr.

The total cost of the vehicle is Rs. 1, 50, 000/- (USD $3,000). The diesel tank capacity is 90 liters since the fuel is assumed to be low grade diesel available at the foot of the mountain. Fuel heater coil system takes care of the lower temperature conditions. FRP For the safety of the passengers an oxygen storage tank of 5 kg capacity is made available. The halting mechanism (for parking) uses hardened steel and diamond tip rock gripper. For satellite communication GPS is also provided. The cabin is bullet-proof and there are 3 universal swivel guns for protection along with 3 spotlights (front and back). The body of the vehicle is easy to fabricate and modular in design and hence it is easy to repair and maintain. The vehicle could be used as a means of transport for inaccessible areas and for people living on mountainous terrains. It can also be used to transport injured animals.


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