The Heart Beacon: Seed Sync The Cloud

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The Heart Beacon's 'sync seeding" the cloud (synchronized time stamping of data collection, events, alerts) and network re-configuration on the fly enabled by heartbeat messages (used by SWIFT, Net Centric Warfare, Public Safety) will deliver enhanced network effects and net forensics’ enhancing data analytics through the cloud in context with SYNCHRONIZED shared, cross domain service efficiencies. Synchronized, predictable data refreshes enhance geo intelligence data visualization consistency to high level operation centers enhancing network forensics transaction non-repudiation and enabling end to end transactional integrity via an end to end system heartbeat (see Defense System Agencies SOA)

The Heart Beacon involves pre and post configuration management of the network and is neutral to systems and middleware. What Vinton Cerf and his team described metaphorically as the heartbeat is actually a interval in time where (state meta) data is gathered and placed into temporary holding areas, queues, file structures for onward delivery by middleware software such as agents, bots, motes, scripts. The heartbeat is an opportunity in time to synchronize data harvesting protecting bandwidth on low capacity networks prior to entry into portals and fusion centers – the point of no return in context with event time stamping. After transition to the middleware or cloud layer, it is too late to try and re-establish timing of event / alert chain of custody. Many systems report the same event at different time intervals. Too fast updates tend to saturate the network. Too slow refresh rates cause the data to be too “stale” for targeting systems. Operational discipline derived from years of military testing and simulation is reused across the entire portfolio of assets. The Beacon process is initiated when agencies act on an event / alert via operational scenario selecting from beacon technologies shaping NET EFFECT. Multicast broadcasts are shaped and filtered by zones using router hop counts to emulate condition thresholds through visual geospatial views of effect expansion and contractions while filtering desired users and evacuee’s in and out of impacted zones enhancing (medical) triage.

Bio surveillance would improve by improving the consistency of reporting of sensors that may report the same event at different time intervals creating the dilemma of which report from which sensor system is ground truth and which is “memorex”. Depicted alerts by intensity / duration / radius by multicast IP zones according to threshold levels coinciding with the DHS color scheme would improve communicating threat level to impacted areas and communities. As events and alerts are filtered by need to know basis on the battlefield, triage instructions and evacuation our of the area of non essential personnel while dispatching appropriate first responders will be improved.

Medical triage, alert, evacuation, alternate routing of assets will be adjusted by filters using business logic / mission threads to show multicast radius defined zones. Organizations, entities, platforms, mobile smart phone & sensor equipped devices via data heartbeat messages updates will spontaneously integrate connecting adhoc task forces among disparate entities maneuvering the network supporting unified operational, financial, disaster, humanitarian & situation awareness events


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