Vehicle Vector Wireless Network

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The Vehicle Vector Wireless Network (VVWN) is an added option to current GPS navigation units. The VVWN inputs vector data from other VVWN units within its wireless network range, and transmits its own vector data to other vehicles within its range. The main purpose of the system is to calculate potential collisions between vehicles.

Current GPS navigation units already calculate direction and velocity. GPS units also contain a mapping database. The added Vehicle Vector Wireless Network components would utilize the velocity and direction data within the current GPS navigation unit and communicate this information to other GPS units within a range of the VVWN. A single VVWN will anylize all other VVWN data within its range searching for potential vehicle collisions.

Since GPS systems are fixed in two dimensions, overpass and underpass points could be added to the GPS mapping database. This would enable the VVWN to not calculate overpasses and underpasses as potential collision conditions between vehicles within the VVWN range. The radius in which the VVWN calculates potential collision conditions can be increased or decreased based on current velocity. Roadside VVWN transmitters can also be added to communicate traffic or road construction conditions.


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