Safety GuidePOD for Blind and Visually Impaired

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The guidePOD is a device to help the blind and visually impaired move around.The device can be strapped on parts of the human body and used for navigating around obstacles.

Te device is powered by a micro controller and senses distance using ultrasonic sensors. It also has line following sensors to be able to navigate along a painted stripe with alarms indicating right or left movement. It has GPS capability which also allows the user to navigate on a preprogrammed route or in a searchable route with verbal instructions.

The device will also have a docking station to house an iPhone or similar device and output jacks for external speakers and input jacks for charging devices like mini solar hats, panels or jackets.

It also carries a video camera to record incidents as well as provide for remote monitoring capability.

The system will also have a microphone with a recorder to help the user comment on the journey.

The system can be assembled from off the shelf components and user configurable. Users can order components from free license sub assembly manufacturers to literally tailor a designer guidePOD.

The unit can also be strapped on a guide wheel or used as anti collision sensors on small electric vehicles or autonomous robots


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