National Pocket Radiation Detection System

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A National Pocket Radiation Detection System

There is an elegantly simple deterrent to national radiation threats such as nuclear and dirty bombs. All it requires is that all credit card companies print their cards on back of radiation like badges. Within a few years most every American will be carrying these Pocket Radiation Detector cards which will make the movement and storage of radiation material without very heavy lead shielding extremely difficult. These Pocket Radiation Detector cards could have different levels of radiation triggers, some very sensitive; most at slightly above normal background radiation level. The cards would have a phone number to call if the carrier was exposed to the cards trigger level of exposure. The pattern of the card’s exposure calls could narrow down the radiation source to natural or terrorist caused location. Because it wouldn’t be know which cards are very sensitive to radiation triggers, the terrorists would have to assume all are sensitive, forcing them to heavily shield their radiation devices.

The system sensitivity could be changed and controlled by which level card is being issued to each area, increasing or decreasing that area sensitivity. The coverage of Pocket Radiation detectors could be even more expanded by requiring them on the back of social security cards and drivers licenses. The whole country would become one big radiation detector. If mandated by law it would cost almost nothing; business cost to the credit card company to help keep their customers alive and spending.


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