Airbag for plane (prevent airplanes from crashing)

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This project aims to reduce significantly the number of airplane crashes throughout the world. Considering the consequences after each crashing, we think it’s absolutely nonsense to let airplanes crash over a distance usually less than 2 kilometers when there is on board enough gas and electricity to permit the plane to travel over more than 10,000 km. In the first time, our idea will prevent these tragedies and in the future, when all this technology will be mastering , it’ll help to strengthen safety and manageability in airplane navigation . For instance, our system could help in the future to land an airplane on a very restricted area than now. Nowadays, it becomes very important to improve security in every branch of human activity. It is not enough to make a gadget work, we also have to protect human life. Our project presents 3 parts: 1-At the top of the airplane(fig.1), there is a set of 2 malleable parachutes (100m X 20 m each). These parachutes (fig.2) are restrained with Kevlar cables and work as boat sails i.e they can develop or retract to increase the stability and reduce the freefall speed. 2- Under and outside the airplane, we can trigger the development of a helium bag. Many high pressure tire segments are attached to the helium bag. In a first time the parachutes and the helium bag are triggered to slow down the airplane freefall to about 10%. The task of the high pressure tire segments is to transform the airplane into a dirigible balloon during about twenty minutes and to help to definitely stabilize the airplane by eliminating the uncontrollable fall. The amount of rising warm air in each segment is determined by the computer board and depends on atmospheric conditions and on the wind speed around the airplane. Once the airplane is stabilized, it can be towed with a power helicopter or to alight on the sea. 3-Inside the plane (fig.3), we organize a place where we place a 3 ton compressed helium tank, a 2 ton power air compressor and pipelines air collector for aspirating the air around the plane for inflating the air segments in twenty minutes or less. The high speed of the compressor is the main challenge of the project. We must find a way to obtain this result by realizing an over consummation of the airplane gas by the compressor. The RAT will also help in the process by bringing more air and electricity to the whole system. The board computer is responsible to trigger the entire system by itself and analyze the behavior of the airplane components and atmospheric parameters in very short time (less than 1 second). The total weight of the system by itself is 7 tons (2 tons for the parachutes and Kevlar ropes). We realize it by bringing smaller modifications for saving weight to the Airbus A380. Actually, we still hope to reduce this weight thanks to the last improvements in aeronautic and elastic materials.


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