Solar-Powered Coast Guard Boats

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With your help, Massive Nibble© can win the money we need to build a solar-powered, water-cooled Zero Pollution Engine™ (ZPE©) for use in watercraft. Together, we can enhance the safety and security of American waters by enabling the Coast Guard to patrol on sunny days, without fuel expense and without creating any air, water or noise pollution. We can make it possible for lifeguards to patrol just beyond the breakers, poised to zoom in and rescue swimmers or surfers in trouble.

By outfitting boats with ZPE-powered water pumps, they can help fight fires on boats and ships, as well as docks and other structures near the water. By having a controllable nozzle under the boat, below the water cannon but pointing in the opposite direction, a powerful, high volume and completely controllable stream of water can be delivered with great accuracy. These same water pumps could also be incorporated into the drive system for the boat, protecting sea turtles, manatees, etc., from injury by propellers.

The boats could also act as portable generators, supplying power for disaster relief. Electric heaters and air conditioners for onshore medical facilities, shelters, portable kitchens, dining rooms, sleeping quarters, etc., could make a big difference in how hard responders can work and the quality of the food, drink, rest, relaxation and sleep that they and the victims experience. Medical ships could reduce or eliminate their fuel expense. Zero pollution daytime concerts and other public events also become possible.

When driven, our engine becomes a Zero Pollution Heat Pump© (ZPHP©), that provides both hot and cold. We can use the cold to condense water out of air, helping to save lives by providing drinking water where water is in short supply and water without disease or parasites where there's plenty of dirty water, but none safe to drink. Boats with ZPEs© driving ZPHPs© could provide a defense against terrorist attacks on municipal water supplies, for most cities.

Renewable fuels can be used to power our engines on cloudy days and at night. That includes fuels that will never pollute the water, like sawdust pellets, wheat, corn, scrap wood, firewood, weeds, straw, paper, etc., almost anything that will burn. No environmental disaster will occur if a boat powered by the Zero Pollution Engine™ sinks. Our engines use no oil. There is no need for a fuel tank.

We hope to eventually develop engines to power everything from small dinghies to the biggest ships. Gizmag reported on a Guardian article ( "Big polluters: one massive container ship equals 50 million cars" . . . "15 of the largest ships now emit as much SOx as the worlds 760 million cars." We also hope to relieve pressure on fisheries by removing the need to harvest enough fish to cover the day’s fuel expense.

A vote for us is a vote for National Security, Water Security, Energy Security, Fire Security, Aquatic Habitat Security and Health. Please give us your vote.


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