Oil spill pollution efficient cleaning and collection

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The system is based in grained particiles made out of expanded polystyrene, polyethylene mixed with magnetized iron particles in powder size This particles have the property that withholds oil in their fibers and stick together when coming close. In this way we can spray them from the air in a wide area after studying water currents. The material will suck oil and stick to each other as they have magnetic properties and form a very large fluting sponch easy to be collected by poisoning a vessel in clever current position with a large funnel sucking water with the parts and then with powerful electrical induction magnets in the pipes separating the water from the parts that withhold the oil and water go back to sea when the solid go to tanks (the solids when mix with water the can be transported with pipes and electrical induction magnets
They are many ways taking advantage of this waste as with pressure extracting the oil or using it direct as fuel then the waste out of the 2 process will be used road building material
Father improvement can be made by adding additives that will give bad odor to avoid marine life consuming the material
The system can as well work very well in the coast as collection from the sand or ruff surface is easy as electro magnets can be used for lifting it separated from other costal nature materials from the graunt in efficient and low cost ways
(the oil sucking sponch fiber technology is already well known in the industry and there is lot of suction capacity improvements in research my input is really in the magnetizing properties added for self containing of the material and easy collection handling and separation with electro magnets and my concern adding odor to the material making it safer for marine life getting affected by consuming it)


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