Stop Dog

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A pocket size sonic weapon to stop dog attacks.

The Stop Dog uses Ultrasonic acoustics to stop vicious dog attacks by sending out a high power signal phased to alter a dogs brain wave pattern. A dog ready to attack has shifted from Alpha brain waves to an alternate state. The Stop Dog shifts the brain wave pattern back to a calm state. Dogs that resist the brain wave phasing, will experience spinal nervous system disruption causing them to flee.

To accomplish the effect of stopping a charging attack dog requires a range of at least 20 feet. That range requires unusual acoustic power output of 5 acoustic watts. Due to power conversion inefficiency, the electronic power requirements are over 15 watts electrical. Using pulse mode Lithium batteries along with a secret ultra high efficiency amplifier circuit design that will be Patent Pending, we can achieve the target goal in a shirt pocket sized device. If the device is not practical to carry, it will not be with the user when it is needed. A large device is easy to design. A small device of this power level is very difficult.

The transducers are operated in pairs. The design is a resonant frequency Class V flextensional transducer with phase coupling horns in a coherent beam design. The microcontroller detects the specific resonant frequency of the transducer during the first 100 milliseconds of input sweep tones and locks the output frequency at maximum power output by using current sense circuit technology. This novel design increases power output by 200%.

The microcontroller will speak to the user at human audible frequencies to notify the user when batteries require replacement. The LED display around the trigger button indicates relative battery power and acoustic output power. The microcontroller also does ultrasonic ecolocation ranging to determine range to target. If the range is less than 3 feet, the power level is reduced to prevent hearing damage to children should they use the device as a toy.

The need is fairly widespread among a large range of professions that have exposure daily to violent dogs. Postal workers, FEDEX, UPS, Meter readers, Police, Firemen, Joggers, Bicyclists, Delivery professions, etc. Over 10 postal workers are treated in the hospital daily. Over 400,000 dog attacks occur per year. More deaths occur due to unlawful dog attacks than any other animal feared by US citizens. I finally took it seriously when a friend had her arm amputated by a single dog bite from a Pit Bull as she approached a home.


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