Navigation System for the Blind

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The device will have some optical sensors, a camera, an audio system & a digital signal processor. The software should have intelligent algorithms to map an human eye charateristics & portion of the human brain responsible for vision analysis.

The device shall be tied to the user at a convenient position.

The camera will capture images while the person is walking. The angle of vision of the camera should be in the working range of ground level (zero degree) to 180 degree above ground.

The optical sensors can be used to get any extreme condition indication.

The digital signal processor will process the images & based on the analysis it will produce voice signal to guide the user to use the road or any building premises. The voice can be reproduced on a headphone which will be worn by the user. Thus the camera & the audio system will help the user to move around with out any hassles.

This idea was thought of to help the blind people in their day to day life. This would also provide safety to them.


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