Sound Locator

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The designs provided herein are of a sound location detection device.
The purpose of this product is to identify the location of origin of a particular sound in any environment.
The primary usage of this product is in security purposes like identification of the direction from which a particular sound originated. The sound could be a gunshot, a scream, a cry for help or any other sound that a security personal or a rescue team may be interested in.

Its applicability is in open and closed environments both like war areas, surveillance, rescue operations etc.
Can also be used in films, where several sounds in the environment can be individually recorded thereby later editing of sound can be very accurately done creating effects by giving variations to the amplification to particular sounds.

Can also be used by nature explorers to identify the location of an animal producing a particular sound but not visible to the eves.

Several microphones are attached in holes of curved surface of a hemisphere made of a sound proof material.
A sound collecting cone is inserted in each of the holes thereby providing each microphone its own effective range to collect sounds.

A processing chip at the bottom of the hemisphere holds the digital recorder which records the sounds of each mic individually. All the data can be sent to a computer system through a USB port.

The user of the system can hear a combined sound collected by all the microphones. But if he/she hears a particular sound of interest, the sound can be marked on the wave pattern on the laptop. The software matches the particular sound with the recorded sound data of each microphone. The microphone with the highest amplitude of the same sound collected provides the direction from which the sound might have originated.

Theory: Sound travels in waves in straight lines. Only the microphone falling in the line of the sound waves will collect the maximum wave amplitude of that sound. The rest will collect echo’s of that sound which will show a time delay and loss in volume/ amplitude.

More details can be provided to any interested manufacturer.


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