A Mobile Device Can Save People's Lives

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Could we save the life of people from ongoing uncertainty explosive elements through mobile devices?
Here it is an idea to enhance the use of mobile devices by using both a Wireless Sensor Network and Mobile Network.
Now-a-days, as every person has a mobile device, it can be useful for collecting environmental information around the person and provide this information to the Mobile Operator for further processing. If we are able to embed a small sensor inside the mobile device, it could enhance the use of the mobile device and would be helpful to the human being in many ways.
When the sensors detects the event being monitored (heat, pressure, sound, light, electro-magnetic field, vibration, etc.), the event needs to be reported to one of the base stations, which can take appropriate action (e.g., send a message on the Internet or to a satellite or to a operator base station). Depending on the exact application, different objective functions will require different data-propagation strategies, depending on things such as need for real-time response, redundancy of the data.


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    Sambit Patra
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