Video Transmission from Stolen Vehicle

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Automatic Video/Image transmission from a stolen or theft vehicle

When an intruder enters the car or vehicle, the camera mounted above the steering wheel will automatically start streaming the video/image of the intruder to the preloaded mobile/cell number.

The different sensors like pressure sensors, motion sensors and switches connected to the door connect to the burglar alarm. An ECU or CPU keep watching the information from the sensors. Whenever an intruder enters the vehicle the sensors are activated and
the camera is signaled and switched on. The camera start streaming the video from the 3G GSM modem to the mobile/cell or to any phone number. The mobile number or phone number is preloaded in the modem. The emergency contact numbers are programmable.

The modem and the camera can work with or without the vehicle battery as the modem will have its own auxiliary battery.

If not connected to the vehicle network then the system can be connected to the burglar alarm directly and can get the signal from the burglar alarm.


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    Suresh Somasekharappa
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    DM6442 with built in 3G modem
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    C Language
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