Magnetic Brakes...Using Brake Pads

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There have been many types of brakes to stop what's moving. From that there is one braking system that is known as magnetic brakes. These brakes are being used in the Trams and Railways.
These Brakes operate on the principle of Eddy current Losses, i.e when a conducting wheel is rotating between the two magnets the reverse force is generated on the rotating wheel in opposite direction to the motion of wheel. That makes the wheel stop. But the concept used here in this type of magnetic brake is a little different.

In this project we are using electromagnets to repel the brake pad. The brake pad will be attached to a High Power Permanent Magnet called NdFeB. The electromagnet will be supplied with DC current to drive. The current can be changed to AC by using converters and these brakes can also be used as an ABS (Anti Braking System).

The electrical requirement will be increasing and decreasing the power of the electromagnet in reference to the movement of the pedal.

This brake provide a normal braking and anti braking (ABS, which is difficult to achieve in normal system).

This system consume less space and is light.

The brakes like Mechanical and Hydraulic are heavy and needs space. Sometimes failures like mechanical links breakdown and oil leakage can cause the brakes to fail.


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