Safety of Clutch and Brake Wire

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Now a day, the automobile is very common to everybody. But everybody is facing the problem of breakage of clutch and/or brake wire in between his or her journey. At that time, he or she may be in trouble to reach to his destination because of breakage of clutch and/or brake wire. So to alarm against breakage of clutch or brake wire, one system can be adopted as explained below. As everybody knows, the brake or clutch wire consists of metal wire of specific diameter. When the wire is in new condition as freshly purchased, the resistance offered by wire may give some value when light current is passed. But as it is used in the automobile and after some time because of breakage of clutch and/or brake wire, the resistance offered by the wire may be different for the same amount of current. So one can judge the internal condition of the wire by noting the resistance offered by the wire. One can put the limit up to which it is safe to use or it does require the replacement so one can have a trouble free journey.


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