Level IV Composite Body Armor

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Military/Police/Security Forces need cheaper, yet just as effective NIJ level IV protection from heavily armed adversaries. The Salamander Research And Development design is lighter, cheaper and “greener” to produce; as my design does not require a Kiln/Sintering oven to produce “plates”. My design is also very flexible as it has very few limitations to potential sizes or shapes. Initially my idea was conceived as replacement Chest Trauma Plates for body armor. Later, it will be available for vehicles and buildings.
The market for my design is quite large. The US Military market alone is a minimum of 150,000 units. The Police and Security forces, while smaller, are still significant.
My design is a laminated composite which uses ceramic components that break up the penetrating core of any Armor-Piercing rifle round. And while my prototype is hand-made, I would license my patent to a company with a well-established reputation, manufacturing facility and a client base.
While my design isn’t the cheapest, it requires no kilning and needs less than 24 hours to complete a finished “plate”; less time is needed if an epoxy curing oven is used.
I should also mention that I have personally shot my prototypes in multiple experiments, so my design has been proven, it is not just theory


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