Security/I.D. system for transportation

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Security/identification system for the transportation industry. Applicable at warehouses, military installations, ports of entry and any place requiring high level of security. Here's how it works:

A. LANDIT LINE - Partially ground-imbedded structure resembling parking area painted guidance line, at parking area deploying Line R/D. and C/S Pad weight detection sensor, communications connected via broadband with facility located Lanbase programmed computer network.

B. CONFIRMATION SECURITY PAD - Trailer/vehicle wheel weight accommodation. Trailer/freight protection at facility. Weight sensor detection pad deployed, hermetically sealed at Landit Line structure, ground level, security programmed to instantly detect classify unauthorized movement at parked trailer, and security and law forces alerted. Don't enter it, don't remove from it, and don't move it, unless authorized.

C. LINE R/D - Implement efficiency, identification dock door disposition programs. Radio frequency transceiver imbedded at the Landit Line structure, read by truck programmed communications terminal (Lantran) - at trailer insert/extract at dock door, truck information programmed Lantran reads Line R/D, and activates communications between truck Lantran and facility computer authority (Lanbase), identifying driver, truck, trailer, and dock door #.

D. LANTRAN COMMUNICATIONS TERMINAL - Pre-programmed/programmable wireless network telecommunications system deployed at truck, with driver name, - driver code# - driver license/photo # - driver social security # - driver cell phone#, - truck co.identification info, - and truck identification info. Priority communication is to identify authorized driver, operating assigned truck, at strategic locations.

E. GATE R/D - Radio transceiver deployed singular or multiple at entrance to facility. Programmed to detect/read truck deployed programmed Lantran, when truck enters designated area at facility. Communicates programmed Lantran information to facility Lanbase authority initiating facility security and operations programs. If facility is gated, R/D activates gate mechanism, to open gate entry/exit at positive driver/truck identification.

F. LANBASE COMPUTER (Facility deployment) Computer network programmed at facility accommodating security process programs, implementing efficiency at facility operations related to shipping/receiving and sustaining efficient security program continuous.

G. LANTRAC COMPUTER NETWORK - Computer network accommodating participants inovlved in transportation, security operations, sustaining positive communications with facility personnel and drivers.


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