Vest Life Guard Staff JCB

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The prototype should act as a vest personal lifeboat JCB in all kinds of shipwrecks. It consists of several protective layers of plastic or extremely strong polymers, the penultimate formed by a medieval mesh, to protect against shark attacks in particular. The vest personal lifeboat JCB is a collection which we enter as if it were a suit once we post, we throw into the water, there we pull up the flat, which shoots compressed air and fills the vest air completely allowing us to float mouth up vertically. The vest personal lifeboat JCB brings a series of devices such as a GPS, which emits signals of location and tracking, to be located. The vest personal lifeboat JCB brings a series of devices emitting frequency ultrasound and subsonic sound which is used to repel the attacks of sharks. Also brings a device with repellents chemical agents which are diluting very slowly and produce allergy in sharks and jellyfish. Also includes a mini compartment for a bit of water and feed a few flares. Finally emits magnetic waves that distaren any shark location and can go by adding you more tools to make it more comprehensive and effective. A small rowboat to move or even air engine that drives us etc.

The most important of all saved lives and serve as a means of rescue and transport in emergencies have occurred in any water to be extremely resistant to all kinds of attacks or strokes. How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace? There is nothing similar in the market is a unique and brilliant idea. Where would this idea be applied? In all types of air and water transportation. What is the market potential? Unlimited for your benefits How does your design work? Better than a boat and a simple life jacket How would your product be manufactured? The prototype by hand and overall production in similar series to as there is a boat lifeboats or a simple jacket lifeboat. How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace? Very similar to the cost of production of a boat or simple vest lifeboat. Very similar to a diving suit


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