No Ladder Smoke Alarm Mount

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We all know what a pain it is to not only install but to the change the batteries in our smoke alarms two times a year. With the Alarm Arm® No Ladder Smoke Alarm Mount you can easily install, maintain, and test ANY battery-powered smoke alarm in your home without ever needing a ladder - even for the initial installation.

Attach the base to the ceiling using the Alarm Arm®, next raise Alarm Arm® (with the pre-installed smoke alarm) up to the base and that’s it. The magic is in the proprietary magnetic technology which was invented by a professional fire protection and mechanical engineer with a background in forensic engineering and rocket science. The Alarm Arm® can be installed in less than 1 minute. Batteries can be changed in less than 30 seconds.

The Alarm Arm® is convenient and safe; no more dragging a ladder through your house at 3:00 AM to change a “chirping” smoke alarm battery. The Alarm Arm® works on all ceilings (flat/cathedral/vaulted) – smooth or textured surface finish.

The Alarm Arm® No Ladder Smoke Alarm Mount is:

* Compatible with ALL battery-powered smoke alarms.
* Manufactured in the USA (Bensenville, Illinois).
* Constructed of high-grade 100% recycled engineering polymers.

The number of civilian and firefighter fatalities will decrease proportionally as individuals become better educated and better protected.


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