GPS based Automatic Speed Control of Vehicle

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The functions of the proposed device are :

1. Speed Control of vehicle.
2. Monitor Seat belt fastening.
3. Location sensing of Vehicle and transmit/receive over GPS.
4. Process and Storage of usage data into memory and retrieve in case of accidents.
5. Dial specified number and log a complaint against the registration number of the vehicle.

The complete system consists of the following components:

1. Speed_Sensor – Senses the current speed of the vehicle.
2. Weight_Sensor – Measures presence of person on sit either in front or in rear.
3. Alarm_System – Generates an alarm depending on non-usage of the seat belt and provide the input to the processor.
4. GPS_Circuit – Retrieves from satellites, data including following: longitude, latitude, distance traveled, direction of travel and time.
5. APPS_Processor – Takes the input from the GPS, Speed-sensor and the alarm system and fed the output to the Modem Processor and Data Storage Unit.
6. Modem_Processor – Receives input from the Apps processor and dial a required number in Law enforcement Official and lodge automatic complaint against the misuse. Also it do auto-upgradation of the stored database in the memory Over-The-Air.
7. Data_Storage – A FLASH based memory storage. It will consist of two databases. One Over-The-Air auto upgradable database for the speed limit and traffic related details, another consisting of the details of usage like speed, alarm history, locations etc. which is future retrievable.

As soon as any occupant rides the vehicle, the weight sensor below the seat measures the presence and it will generate an alarm until the occupant is not fastening the seat-belt. As soon as the belt is buckled the alarm will stop. The time and duration of the Alarm will be logged into the APPS processor.
The GPS circuit tracks the longitude, latitude, distance traveled, direction of travel and time and feeds the data in the processor, whenever the vehicle is crossing a particular region with a particular speed. Current speed of the vehicle can be input by the Speed sensor. Also the Apps processor will have the data from database about the speed limit of the region. It will calculate whether the speed is exceeding over the speed of that location. Also it will process the input from the alarm system whether the alarm is activated i.e. any of the person is not fastened seat belt. Based on the processing the Apps processor will send an output to the Modem Processor which should be capable of dialing a Government or LAW enforcement agency number and logging a automatic complaint against the car registration number. Then an automatic ticket with appropriate fine will be generated as required.

The output of the GPS and the processor will be stored into the data storage unit. All the data will be logged on periodic basis and even also can be retrieved after any accident and will help the Insurance organizations to procure proper accidental claims. The product will be having 6 parts as in the attached diagram.


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